Nallapusalu Chain Lockets, Nalla Pusalu (Black Beads) Designs

Latest NallaPusalu (Black Bead) Designer Lockets for women. Nallapusalu Chain or Black Bead Chains with lockets are generally worn by married women in India.

Latest Nallapusalu Chain Models, black beads gold lockets, black beads lockets, black beads designs with Pendants.

A woman wear Black beads with double or single layers along with gold beads to show that is is a married woman. Mostly Nallapusalu are worn by Hindus and Muslims especially in India as a traditional wedding jewellery.

But as per Hindu Mythology Nallapusalu or Black bead Chains are worn to symbolize inseparable bond and good relation between a husband and a wife.

Nallapusalu Chain Lockets are given to every girl in her marriage by her parents in India. This Black bead chain is will be weighting from 5 gms to 20 gms based on the design and no of layers.

Nallapusalu Chain lockets are not worn by widows, So it means that Black beads Chains is a symbol of married woman whose husband is alive.

We present you the latest designs of Nallapusalu Chains and Black bead Designs for Indian woman. You can choose any one of Nallapusalu from the below Nallapusalu Chain deisngs and order it for creation near a local gold smith. Blackbeeds-chains-with Nallapusalu Chain Lockets, Nalla Pusalu (Black Beads) Designs Nallapusalu Chain Lockets, Nalla Pusalu (Black Beads)

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